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Why choose our school?

“Newtown is important to me because we get to go to Lote. Also… I like how we have GOTCHAs and GOTCHA Shop because we get great things from Gotcha Shop. The teachers are really caring and help you along the way. You can have a great journey.”                                                                                            
                                                                                                             Chelsea 5/6B
“Newtown is great because of the gardens. Dave and Mr Blacker do an AMAZING job on it. There are gardens everywhere with a variety of colours, pink, blue, red, and white. I also love how they match our school reputation.”                 
                                                                                                                   Zoe 5/6B
“Newtown State School is important to me because the teachers are nice. You get great education. The school has great playgrounds plus nice eating areas. Also has a great Gotcha Shop. This is why you should come to our fantastic school. It has all the things you need”                                                                   
                                                                                                                 Kirralee 4H
“Newtown State School is important to me because:
·         The library has a variety of books
·         The teachers always help
·         An individual’s curriculum can be changed
·         The school has spacious areas
·         The school has beautiful gardens”                                                   
                                                                                                                 AJ 5/6B
“Newtown State School is the best school I have ever been to in my life. I like how people are safe, respectful and responsible. I have the best friends ever. I love our Teachers because they make us safe. I have never seen a school like this in my life. We will look after our school for the carnival of Flowers. I want our school to be the winner. I like PE and Music, also Maths, Spelling tests, spelling pre-test, Journal writing and English. I like computers and Sports Day. I love this school more than my old school. This school is the best in the world”
“ Newtown School is important to me because it helps to encourage me to do my best work and helps me understand the know-how of Math, language, science etc. It also gives me a chance to connect with people and become friends with them. Newtown State School is the ideal learning place for students to achieve their best in school and that’s exactly what they helped me do, and now I’m on my way to High School, with the help of the Teachers of Newtown State School to guide me through the challenging studies of the classes of High School. With all the hard work Newtown gave us, it keeps us working hard with little room for fantasising or play. Newtown’s Motto is ‘Every Child, Every Day, Excellence in Education’.”
Ty 7B


“I like Newtown SS because this was the first primary school that I ever went to. I have made friends through the past few years. All my Teachers were good but I have to admit my favourite Teacher is Mr Hams. I like Mr Hams because he’s funny, helpful and well organised. All the Staff are helpful and friendly. Our gardens are beautiful and I hope we win the Carnival of Flowers.”
Tiveesha 3H


I love Newtown because we have an awesome Principal and if Mr Ham’s computer is broken Mrs Thompson is here to save the day, then we are back to learning. It is also fair if you get to go swimming in summer and go on the playground at morning tea and lunch. I really love learning. If you want I can say all my 9x tables. This is why I love Newtown State School. Newtown SS is AWESOME!
Matthew 3H


“ I love Newtown SS because it has a huge swimming pool, great friends and last but not least awesome Teachers. My Mum and Dad sent my sisters and I to Newtown because it is a boy and girl school”
My school is important to me because I do PE, gotchas, free dress. All for being well behaved at school. My teacher can be tough and makes us work hard. We do swimming and I get awards for behaving at school. 
Paige 1W

 Newtown State School is important to me because it is fun to learn things. This is my favourite school because you can write and play. I love sport because we can run. I like the pool because you can swim in the pool. I like maths. It is my favourite thing.

Jayden 1R