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Enrolling at our school

Enrolling at our school
Parents and legal guardians are able to make application for student enrolment at Newtown State School at any time throughout the year.

Catchment area
Only students who reside within the Newtown State School catchment area are automatically eligible for enrolment. The Queensland Government’s School Catchment map allows you to see whether or not you live in the school’s catchment area. Parents of students residing outside the catchment area are invited to contact us to determine the availability of places or eligibility for enrolment.

Proof of residency requirements
Parents or legal guardians who wish to enrol their child at Newtown State School are required to demonstrate that the student’s principal place of residence is within the catchment area. Current proof of residency at the address indicated can be provided as follows:

  • One primary source – a current lease agreement, rates notice, or unconditional contract of sale, and
  • One secondary source – a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent’s/legal guardian’s name

Other examples of proof of residency may include (but are not limited to):

  • Additional utility bills (e.g. water bill) or a series of bills at for the same address over a sequential period to demonstrate continued/ongoing residency
  • Electoral Roll verification letter
  • Mobile phone statement (with current address details)
  • Statutory Declaration
  • Driver’s Licence (with current address details)
  • Bank statement (showing current address details; financial details are not required)
  • Tax Assessment Notice (financial details are not required)

Documents demonstrating a recent change of address/re-location to within the school’s catchment area (e.g. proof of sale or termination of lease for the previous principal place of residence in a different catchment).

Prep enrolments
Prep year students are enrolled in a similar manner and on the same basis as students in all other year levels. Age eligibility requirements apply however. To be eligible to enrol in the 'Prep Year' program, a child must have turned 5 years of age by 30 June in the year in which the child is to commence in the prep year. View the Department of Education’s ready reckoner to determine when your child can commence their preparatory year.

Enrolment procedures
Prior to enrolment, parents/carers will be required to participate in an enrolment interview with either the principal or deputy principal. The interview can also include a tour of the school.

In order to apply for enrolment, parents should first contact us to arrange for an appointment. Office staff will advise parents of the documentation they will need to provide to the school depending on whether students are enrolling from another Queensland State School, non-government school, from interstate or overseas.

The following documentation will ordinarily be required prior to or at the time of the enrolment interview:

  • 2 Proof of residency – required before any student may be enrolled at Newtown State School
  • Original birth certificate, birth certificate extract or passport or visa – required for students entering prep or arriving from interstate or overseas
  • Report cards and records of previous schooling are helpful in meeting student’s needs (not necessary if student is transferring from another Queensland State School)
  • Student medical conditions and or disabilities, details of symptoms and any associated health management plans
  • Any letters of diagnosis and/or reports from medical practitioners, health providers (e.g. vision/hearing checks) and/or specialists that may help us to meet the specific or special needs of your child
  • A certified copy of any relevant current Family Court or other court orders concerning the welfare, safety or parenting arrangements for prospective student is provided, if applicable
  • Knowledge of immunisation history.

The following forms should be completed prior to an enrolment interview:

  • Application for Student Enrolment
  • Enrolment Agreement
  • Student Medical Form
  • Internet Access Agreement
  • Chaplaincy Consent
  • State School Consent Form
  • Swimming Consent Form

If you cannot download the documents from this page or under Forms and Document or if you would prefer to have an enrolment package posted to you, please contact us.

In most circumstances, the commencement of a student will occur at least one day following an enrolment interview to allow for all necessary arrangements to be made to ensure the most positive start for your child. This could take longer for children who may have special educational needs.

Enrolment from interstate or overseas
A child enrolling from interstate or overseas will be allocated to a year level as close as compatible to their schooling experience, ability and age. The will be discussed as part of the enrolment process. Use the ready reckoner as a guide.

Students from Overseas
A student’s entitlement to enroll at a state school may be affected if the student holds a student visa or the student is not an Australian resident or citizen or the child of an Australian permanent resident or citizen (visa restrictions may apply, fees may be charged, in some cases legislation requires that the applicant must obtain approval from the Chief Executive via Education Queensland International (EQI) to enrol).